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(413) 355-9164 (foundation)
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Working Cats Adoption Program

Working Cat CowieIntroducing TJO's Working Cats Adoption Program. These are kitties who are happier outside or inside/outside. Some of them are super friendly, and others prefer to keep their distance from humans.

Adopting a Working Cat will reduce your rodent population without dangerous pesticides and unpleasant traps. They are way cuter than rusty mouse traps and they work a lot better!

Clients enjoy seeing working cats at nurseries, farms, warehouses, and other businesses. Working cats can be found at retail stores, on boats, and in churches, too! Employees often take a personal interest in their feline coworkers.

Adopting a Working Cat

Email us or call us (413) 781-1484 to inquire about Working Cats looking for jobs currently.

Read our Working Cat Adoption Tips for everything you need to know about taking home your working cat and getting him/her used to their new life.

Working Cats do require a commitment from you, which is:

We recommend two kitties who can be friends.

Working Cats will be sterilized and vaccinated by TJO prior to adoption. We are always available to answer questions about your 4-legged coworker(s) and make the transition successful.

Adopting a Working Cat



Spruce is solving mole problems at her new house. Her mom told us, "She is working out wonderfully! What a beautiful cat. We love her!"

Working Cat Bobbi JoBobbie Joe has worked at Amherst Farmer's Supply for three years. It took her one month to show the rodents who was boss. She does a better job than the exterminating company, who used to come once a month, and then twice a month.... It was expensive and they weren't getting ahead of the problem.

Bobbie Joe has a human who keeps an eye on her. That's Debbie. Debbie checks in with Bobbie Joe daily and keeps up the cat area. She decided they'd give Bobbie Joe a litterbox so that everyone is clear on where that business is to happen. It works great. Debbie also said no more snacks out of the humans' lunchboxes because Bobbie Joe was getting too chubby. Bobbie Joe sleeps inside, has her food and water, her own cat bed, a scratcher, and lots of love.

Though customers enjoy seeing Bobbie Joe strolling around the store, she also keeps a low profile because she's got work to do. She's a favorite employee and a beloved coworker!

Update fall, 2012: We are sad to share that Bobbie Joe is gone. She is deeply missed by staff and customers alike. Her successor is Cloe, a former stray cat turned working cat. Cloe is a love and rubs on everyone, purring loudly! She sleeps on Debbie's desk and patrols the whole building about every hour. She is serious about her work! We wish Cloe the best.

Kitties Thorndike And Uno Working Cats ProgramThorndike and Uno work at a barn. They have access to the barn, a garage, and certain designated areas of the human house. Their humans kept them confined to these buildings for several weeks until they were sure the kitties knew this was now "home." And "work"! This is an important first step whenever a working cat moves in. Otherwise they may not believe you mean to keep and feed them and they might leave. Thorndike and Uno are very happy and so are their people.

Working KittiesThese two working cats, Kitty and Cat Face, are very active around their Wilbraham house keeping mice away. They patrol 1 acre of property. They can come into the house through a dog door whenever they want but are allowed only in certain areas; the rest of the house is blocked off. They have food inside but have water and a few treats on a covered front porch that they alone have access to (no dogs) so they feel safe outside. They have a heat pad in a dog house on that porch in case they would rather be out on a cold night. Their human says, "We love them and don't insist on affection from them, but they are very happy to let us pet them when they are inside at rest. My advice is to keep them in for several weeks -- and longer if they are kittens. A safe outdoor area where other animals and people can't bother them is important, too."

Working Cats at Large

Sadie works at the New York City Transit Museum.

George worked on the USS North Carolina during World War II. But ship cats are as old as the pyramids! Here are seven more famous and beloved seafaring cats.

Bisbee was an honorary mascot at Texas A&M with a Twitter account with over 3,000 followers.

Bob and his human were both homeless and struggling when they met. Bob stuck with James and the two came through some very hard times. Bob helped James sell newspapers in the London underground and get on his feet again both financially and emotionally. They even have a successful book out now about their life together!

Libris works at the Wesleyan College library. Libraries and bookstores are huge employers of cats worldwide and through the ages.

Simon started working at the Boston Church of the Advent in July of 2012, the latest in a line of church cats who have helped raise spirits for years.

Boone and Panda work at the Indiana County Courthouse, scaring away pigeons who were making messes in public areas. The maintenance crew says they do a great job and have saved the county thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and man hours.

Simba greets Maine high school students for more than a decade.