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Meet TJO

Adoption Center
627 Cottage Street
Springfield, MA 01104
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(413) 355-9164 (foundation)
(413) 781-1484 (animal services)

Adoption Center
Hours of Operation

Monday: 12:00-4:00
Tuesday: 12:00-4:00
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 2:00-7:00
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 12:00-4:00
Sunday: Closed

What We Do

The TJO Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to the health and welfare of the animals at the TJO Animal Control and Adoption Center. When animals need a little extra TLC, we pay for medical treatments and rehabilitation that would otherwise not be available. Sick and injured animals are given the best care that we can provide.

In addition, we work with trainers and behavior specialists to help our animals be good citizens. We also support environmental enrichment, that is, activities and equipment that make the shelter a less stressful place to be for our residents.

See some of the animals TJO Foundation has helped here.

The TJO Foundation holds fundraising events such as the Ride Like an Animal motorcycle run in August and the Pawzaar craft fair in December, as well as many smaller events throughout the year.

Winky The One Eyed Cat

We saved one of Winky's eyes and
she found a loving indoor-only home.
One-eyed animals adjust well and
don't realize they are missing anything.

The TJO Foundation is supported by many donations, large and small, from schools, civic groups, individuals, and businesses throughout the Pioneer Valley, as well as grants from national foundations. But most of our funding comes from generous individuals like you who want a better life for our community's most needy animals.

Donate to the TJO Foundation.

Greyhound And Motorcycle

Meet TJO

TJO Animal Control and Adoption Center is a regional, municipally-run facility serving Springfield, Chicopee, and Holyoke. They provide 24/7 animal control services to those cities, keeping public health and safety as well as the quality of life of residents at the forefront of their mission. TJO takes in almost 4,000 animals a year, helping lost, injured, and mistreated animals to safety.

TJO is truly a special municipal shelter. It has a 96% adoption rate for their adoptable animals. Animals are not euthanized for reasons of time or space. Though the state only mandates dog animal control, TJO helps homeless cats too. You may also see rabbits, birds, rodents, fish, and other critters. TJO Animal Control Officers are not wildlife rehabilitators, but they help wild animals in distress if they can. Everybody at TJO goes above and beyond to help our local animals.

TJO's Adoption Center welcomes folks from all over New England and beyond to meet and adopt their many happy, healthy, wonderful animals. Learn more about adopting from TJO here.

Tjo Building

Tjo Desk Smaller

Visit TJO and TJO Foundation

Location: 627 Cottage Street, Springfield, MA 01104
TJO Phone: (413) 781-1484  TJOF Phone: (413) 355-9164
TJO Website:

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Dora The Dog

Dora and her friends hope to see you
adopting at TJO soon!
Shelter pets are the best!