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Adoption Center
627 Cottage Street
Springfield, MA 01104
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(413) 355-9164 (foundation)
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Adoption Center
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Monday: 12:00-4:00
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Bradley's Happy Tale

BradleyBradley is an adorable Boxer/Basset Hound mix who has nothing but happy days ahead of him thanks to the tremendous efforts of the TJO Foundation, the veterinary staff at TJO, lots of volunteers, some local vets, and the surrounding community.

Rushed into TJO in November after being hit by a car, Bradley was in cardiac and respiratory shock. The vet staff provided IV fluids, pain medication, and lots of close monitoring. Bradley sustained serious trauma to his pelvis and was not able to bear weight on his back legs.

After x-rays showed multiple pelvic fractures, it was determined Bradley would require strict cage rest for 2 months along with strong pain medications to recover from his extensive injuries. At his follow up exam, Bradley's x-rays showed that he had healed! His pelvis will not be normal, but he will live a very happy and comfortable life.

Thanks to a tremendous outpouring from the community, lots of wonderful donations came in to help with Bradley's medical care. He also received help from local vets and the TJO Foundation who helped with Bradley's medical needs. We are happy to say that Bradley was adopted into his forever home on January 23rd by a loving family who will shower him with all the love he deserves.

Bradley And Cashew Bradley and Cashew playing on the day of Bradley's adoption.