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Meet TJO

Adoption Center
627 Cottage Street
Springfield, MA 01104
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(413) 355-9164 (foundation)
(413) 781-1484 (animal services)

Adoption Center
Hours of Operation

Monday: 12:00-4:00
Tuesday: 12:00-4:00
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 2:00-7:00
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 12:00-4:00
Sunday: Closed

Adopt a Friend Today

TJO has many dogs and cats available for adoption. Sometimes there are rabbits, ferrets, birds, reptiles, and other small animals also available.

Our database is updated hourly with the animals available for adoption at TJO. Search for your new best friend here. We also have a link to it on our Facebook page; click the ADOPT button!

Adopt Nahla

Adoption fees:
Adult Dogs: $175 - $250, Puppies under 5 months: $300 
Adult Cats: $90, Kittens under 5 months: $150
This includes spay/neuter, identification microchip, rabies vaccine and other appropriate vaccines, tests for FeLV and heartwork done, de-worm and de-flea treatment, and a voucher for a free veterinary visit.

Adopt Marlon

Adoption process:

We invite you to TJO to meet our wonderful animals in person. An adoption counselor will work with you to make a perfect match. Please bring human family members along so everyone can meet the animals. If you already have a dog and are looking for a second dog, please bring your dog so the pooches can meet each other.

For hours and directions, click here.

If you own your own home, our adoption counselor will ask for verification (tax bill, mortgage statement). You might want to review your homeowner's insurance policy to be sure it does not restrict coverage for specific dog breeds. If you rent, the adoption counselor will call your landlord to verify that you can have pets; please bring that contact information with you.

Tabby The Cat

Some things to consider before adopting:

  • Owning a pet can be a 10- to 20-year commitment. A lot can happen in a decade or two: marriage, kids, divorce, new job, no job, etc. We are looking for families willing to bring their pet on this lifetime journey.
  • Expenses come with pet ownership. Food, vaccines, grooming, and supplies will add up to several hundred dollars a year, minimum. Read more here.
  • Which animal suits your lifestyle? Think couch potato versus speed racer. Do you travel or work long hours? Do you have a fenced-in yard? Do you like taking walks in the rain and snow? Do you mind a few scratches on your furniture? Learn more about picking the right pet here.

Adopt Ariel

Great news about adopting:

  • You are giving a homeless pet the best gift of all: a loving family!
  • In return, your pet is helping you live longer by lowering your blood pressure, bringing you laughter and joy, and loving you no matter what!

Adopt Howard